New Year, New… Something

  I am aware that I have not updated my own website in a while. Shame. Shame. Here is a list of Things: Trying to be a houseplant person. Not going well. Trying to figure out taxes while abroad. Could be better. Trying to book a hotel for my upcoming trip to Venice for Carnevale […]

On Hitting the Ground Running (Accidentally!)

  So. Life moves fast around here! Have you ever heard someone say “I don’t have time for the internet anymore!” and actually believed it? Neither had I, until I moved back to Prague. I had so much free time while in school, even up to the last year of university, despite having a full […]

How to Survive TEFL at The Language House

  My recent lack of activity on the entire internet can be blamed by one thing: TEFL Life. A four week, hands-on, intensive course in Prague designed to get trainees ready for the real world of teaching English has taken over my life, my free time, and perhaps even my sanity. At least temporarily. As […]

On Saying Goodbye

  Well, here we are. Today is my last day in the US for the foreseeable future. I’m in shock. I’ve been home for the past three weeks, packing (my family is also moving from this apartment, so doubly packing) and trying to catch up on reading. Trying to enjoy life at home, taking walks […]

On the Road to TEFL

  As part of my soon-to-be expat journey, I’m getting my certification in teaching English as a foreign language. As I’ve said in other places, this is something people around me have been telling me would happen for years but I never thought it possible or even desirable. I’m still skeptical as to whether I […]

Hello world!

  Why, hello there! As part of my Advanced Web Design class, we were asked to create a dynamic site, and I thought this was the best time to go ahead and do something I’ve long considered: starting and maintaining my own blog!