Hello world!


Why, hello there!

As part of my Advanced Web Design class, we were asked to create a dynamic site, and I thought this was the best time to go ahead and do something I’ve long considered: starting and maintaining my own blog! Granted, this is a thing that I have attempted and failed before, so let’s tone our expectations down about two notches. Perfect. Okay.

I currently live in a house in Minneapolis with some fantastic people and two orange cats, but that’s going to change soon. I’m just about to graduate from university (in exactly four weeks) (yikes!), after which I’ll head back to my home in Chicago for a few weeks to get my life together, and after that I have plans to move to abroad and get a certification in teaching English as a foreign language. I will get a long stay visa and a self-employment license, so that if I decide to pursue other careers, like work in a hostel or do web design professionally (also yikes), then I will be able to branch out.

I’m graduating with a degree in language and culture, and lived in Prague for a year during a required study abroad stint for my major. I will be returning there this summer to move in with my long-distance boyfriend (a third yikes) who I met while I was taking intensive foreign language classes in the city.

All these things that are about to happen are things that have been predicted by people around me for years while I scoffed at them: moving abroad to live with my boyfriend and teach English. And now here I am, despite having tried really hard not to be. Joke’s on me, right?

Here, you will find book reviews, travel stories, updates on my life abroad, potential rants about the Czech language (where are all the vowels??), and forays into the world of creative writing. I’m currently working on a novel (I know, eye roll, everyone is writing a novel, but this is my fifth novel and this one is going to be The One That is Not Shit, I swear), and getting more into web development and linguistics.

I have taken classes in ten different languages, arguably none of which I speak fluently, including English. I like parenthetical statements a little too much and the only time I am funny lately is when I’m in a car with a friend. I am a huge nerd and will take almost any opportunity to talk about Latin roots, grammar, or geology if it becomes relevant in a conversation (which is surprisingly often). I’ve moved more than ten times, never learned to ride a bike, learned how to drive a car but hated it, and traveled abroad for the first time at the age of 20, when I made the (curriculum-required) leap to stay abroad for a full year (length not required). I swear a lot. I read a lot. I dabble in book binding and translating. Jack-of-all-trades is a title to which I have always aspired.

So that’s a little about me. Maybe more than you ever wanted to know. We’ll see what becomes of my little corner of the internet.

Til soon.

– Me

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