All the Elsewheres

The roots of all stories are true…at least somewhere.
When an ordinary folklore student with a lifelong belief in magic dives headfirst into an apprenticeship with the creator of nightmarish, soul-stealing train, she must decide if magic is worth siding with monsters to attain, or if she’d be better off giving it up entirely.

For fans of Spirited Away, The Starless Sea, The Ten Thousand Doors of January, and The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue.

WIP: Of Ink and Blood

Ever since the gods killed their king, stealing their magic has been easy. But Sofira’s quest to amass enough power to kill the gods has attracted their attention, & now they think she has power over the curse that’s been destroying their magic.
But, hey, she can work with that…

Strange the Dreamer meets For The Wolf

WIP: baking ghost grandma

I was born at midnight. This will be important later.

Bakery owner Nora is haunted, and she likes it that way. That is, until her ghostly grandmother and the florist next door uncover a band of amateur necromancers trying to use ghosts to pilot their hopeful undead.

Magical capitalism (is bad)! Magic is like the Internet (new, complicated, changing too fast)! A ghost cat (meow)!

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