Hi, I’m Michelle – your friendly neighborhood creative professional.

*record scratch*

Wait a second, hang on. What’s a creative professional? Is that your job title? Why not WordPress Wizard, or Badass Web Developer, or something, you know, more specific? I have no idea what you do or who you are!

Reader, let me take you on a journey…

Wanderer at heart but not in practice, I finally made the leap and first went abroad during my undergrad, in a whirlwind year-long quest to do some intensive language learning and exploring of the world. In what will forever be known as an epic romance, Prague pulled me into its cobblestoned heart and so far hasn’t let go.

After having moved abroad permanently (if a three-year-long visa counts?) to start my career in who-knows-what, I decided it was time to stop guessing and instead launch something more meaningful. The journey to this discovery was a long one, in which I’ve worn many hats. I’ve been a tour guide, a graphic designer, a blogger, a translator, a teacher, a staff writer, and a bookshop keeper.

How do you form a career out of so many disparate things you know how to do and do well? I’m still not sure myself, but what I am sure of is that I’ve always been a storyteller. Sure, you could say I’m a writer, or a web designer, or an explorer – but my great passion is stories. Finding stories, and being able to tell them.

The power of story is a magical thing, and this is where mine lives for the time being. I’m also a storyteller by trade, so I’m more than happy to help you tell yours. Whether that means proofreading an article for your blog, designing a logo for your personal brand, or developing your website to put it live on the internet, I’ve got your back!

I’ve learned a lot of things on this journey so far, and I’d love to show you some of what I can do. Aside from my design portfolio, here you can find a record of my process of becoming an expat, tentative forays into the worlds of travel writing and various forms of art, book reviews, and current and past literary projects. Maybe a tale of woe here and there, because success never happens smoothly.

But enough about me, I’d love to hear about you! Get in touch, and let’s take the next leap forward together!

Til soon,

– Me

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